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     This Home Made Chocolate gravy recipe is easy to make and really tasty. Enjoy with your Brides Biscuits! Here at Back Roads Living we love pretty much anything made with chocolate! This

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Easy Apple Crisp Cobbler Recipe Homemade Goodness

Easy Apple Crisp Cobbler   This is how to make an Easy Apple Crisp Cobbler The Easy Way!     We love this at our house! Piping hot right out of the oven and let cool just

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      Cheesecake, what can you say about them that has not already been said. They can be made in so many ways and are sooo good no matter how you do it. This Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake will be

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This is a make ahead of time cake that features the taste of Mocha. I love Mocha, Chocolates and Coffee! Sometimes I wonder if there is any sweets I don’t like! 🙂 This Mocha Ice Cream Cake is

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Home Made Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe

     This is a delicious dessert. This Home Made Chocolate Pudding Pie will melt in your mouth. I remember my mother making these and we could hardly wait until they were cooled enough and set

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Easy Blackberry Cobbler Recipe ~ A must Try

How to make an Easy Blackberry Cobbler Ripening blackberries in the Georgia Mountains bring back a host of tasty memories. Easy Blackberry Cobblers were a summer treat. Fresh picked and cooked right at

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German Chocolate Brownies Recipe

German Chocolate Brownies Recipe  We love German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Icing here so I am sure this German Chocolate Brownies Recipe will be a pleasure to sink our teeth into also! this looks

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Nannies Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

     This Strawberry Shortcake Recipe was given to us from my wife’s mother. She obtained it from an elderly lady many years ago and it is a delicious recipe! We have used it many times and

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Chocolate Chip Gooey Butter Cake

      This Chocolate Chip Gooey Butter Cake looks Heavenly! This recipe is something I have to try. I love anything chocolate and if it is gooey so much the better! A big glass of milk

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German Chocolate Cheesecake

I can’t even imagine how good this will be! German Chocolate and Cream Cheese. Two of my favorite things!  Yummy! A Cheesecake made with German Chocolate, how could it get any better.