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Chicken and Dumplings Recipe Like Grandma Made

This is a Chicken and Dumplings recipe I put together using two old recipes I found in a very old cook book.I found this to be very tasty but the drop dumplings were a little big. So, the next time I

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Corn Pudding Recipe Homemade

This corn pudding recipe is one of those old fashioned homemade recipes that is going to be extremely tasty!This is a great dish for a side with prey much any meat you may want to serve. If you have fresh

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Jo’s Creamy Chicken and Rice Instant Pot Dish

Jo's Creamy Chicken and Rice Instant Pot Dish     A very easy and delicious recipe from our YouTube Subscriber Jo, from over at "The Duck Pond"     This is full of the most tasty

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Corn Dog Chili Casserole Recipe

    This Corn Dog Chili Casserole is a way to use up leftover chili.           It's the ultimate comfort food for our family and I hope you will enjoy it

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Hot Chicken Casserole Recipe Prepper Pantry

Hot Chicken Casserole     This is a Hot Chicken Casserole recipe that calls for water chestnuts.     I know most people probably don't keep those in their prepper pantries,

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Impossible Quiche Recipe Homemade

    Making this Impossible Quiche is a great way to use those eggs we all are beating and then freezing.      I saw that on a video and that is actually how I found out about

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Cornbread Chicken Potpie Recipe

Cornbread Chicken Potpie     Cornbread Chicken Potpie is a very simple pie and you can use the items you have on hand in your pantry.    As with most pot pies, this can be made in

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The Preppers Home Check List

A Preppers Home Check List     In the very near future, you need to make yourself what I would call a Preppers Home Check List! When I say near future, I really mean RIGHT NOW!  

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Enjoy this CORNED BEEF SKILLET SUPPER Recipe     This recipe, Corned Beef Skillet Supper can be made of almost all stored foods.  I haven’t been very lucky in finding canned meats

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Instant Pot Chicken With Side Dishes

Table of Contents 0.1How to make Instant Pot Chicken0.2Ingredients for Instant Pot Chicken0.3Settings for the Instant Pot Chicken0.4Our Favorite Sides0.5Filling

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How to Make Perfect Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

Our Recipe for Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.This is how to make perfect spaghetti with meat sauce.None of this is made from scratch but the combination of it all is delicious! We love this spaghetti with

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Fried Green Tomatoes and Fried Summer Squash Year Round!

Easy Fried Green Tomatoes & Summer Squash! This is a meal we love here at Back Roads Living right out of our garden! Fresh Fried Green Tomatoes and Summer Squash. We love them fixed like this! You

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